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Having Hashimoto’s, PCOS, psoriasis, and fibroids means that it’s vital for me to avoid toxins in my environment. With a MTHFR gene mutation, detox is even more of a challenge. Toxins are inevitable in our modern world; pollution, commercial insecticides, carpeting, upholstery, our water supply, and much more all contribute to our individual toxic load. It’s overwhelming, especially when one is having chronic health issues. When I decided to undergo a lifestyle change, my diet wasn’t the only aspect that had to be overhauled. What you put on your body is just as crucial as what you put into it; 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, which means that your liver doesn’t get the chance to filter the toxins. Here’s an insightful book on the matter, which also introduced me to one of my favorite natural body care lines. For a quick rundown, check out this article from the Environmental Working Group; the EWG also has a helpful smartphone app called Healthy Living.

Note: I did not convert my toxic products to natural overnight. Of course there’s a difference in cost, so I gradually made changes. I also care about protecting the environment, so it’s important to me that the products are eco-friendly. All the following products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, soy, and animal testing. I can find many of these brands at Target or Sprouts on a great sale, or order from Thrive Market. I do not get compensated for any part of this article.


Araza Beauty (Certified Paleo): I use their eyeshadow*, lip gloss, cream foundation, concealer, finishing powder. *contains small amount of soy lecithin

100% Pure: I use their mascara. Their shampoo is good too, but it hasn’t improved the psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp.

Pacifica: I love their perfume! Fragranced with essential oils instead of neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors.


Primal Life Organics (Certified Paleo, organic): Can’t even list all the products I use from this line!! I especially love the shaving cream, body bar, hand repair cream, face exfoliator, peppermint lip balm, pomegranate face wash, and the sensitive* deodorant. The eyeshadow is not my favorite though…smells amazing, but not easy to apply.


*I was introduced to PLO when I won one of their Instagram giveaways in 2015, and their original deodorant was included in the sample package. I had previously been having rashes while using other natural deodorant brands, and I didn’t know why. When I tried the PLO deodorant, I got the same rash…so frustrating!! After some Google sleuthing, I learned that baking soda when used on the skin can often cause irritation. Baking soda is very alkaline, and our skin is acidic. Luckily, PLO has many scents available that are free of baking soda; arrowroot powder is used instead. My husband also reacts to the baking soda kind, but some people say they have no issues with it.

Seventh Generation (triclosan-free): I’ve been using this brand of hand soap for a couple years. They smell nice, fragranced with essential oils, and they don’t dry out my hands. I was able to find the refills at Target or Thrive Market until recently.

Moon Valley Organics (triclosan-free): Since I haven’t been to find the Seventh Generation hand soap refills, I’ve ordered this one.

EOS lip balm: I haven’t tried their other products, due to certain ingredients. But the lip balm makes my lips feel amazing!


Morrocco Method (Paleo): I started using their shampoo when I switched from conventional (gluten-free, sulfate-free) shampoo. I had hair loss along my hairline (typical of Hashimoto’s and PCOS), and I had new hair growth within a month of switching shampoos. My scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis also improved slightly. I also use their scalp detox seasonally.


Dental Care

Nature’s Gate (free of carageenan and fluoride): It’s hard to find a toothpaste that’s free of both fluoride and carageenan and still acts like “normal” toothpaste. I also like one made by JASÖN, but my husband doesn’t think Nature’s Gate tastes weird.

Tom’s of Maine (fluoride-free): I’m not crazy about all of the ingredients in this mouthwash, but I’m lenient on this since I’m not swallowing the ingredients. It also doesn’t burn like mouthwashes with alcohol.

JASON: I like the mouthwash ingredients more overall of this brand, but they do contain some preservatives. I know the flavor I’ve used was fluroide-free, but I’m not sure if they all are.

Feminine Products

Seventh Generation, Natracare, Organ(y)c (organic, chlorine-free): All offer feminine products that are free of dioxins. The toxins in conventional tampons increase blood flow, alter hormones, and heighten risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Household Items

Fresh Wave: I use their odor-removing gel and room sprays, fragranced with natural extracts.

Big Dipper Wax Works: I found these beeswax candles at Whole Foods, and they smell great! Fragranced with essential oils. Candles were one of the last things I converted; I’ve always loved candles!

Seventh Generation: Their paper products are made with recycled product and whitened without chlorine. I’ll also buy Sprouts and Whole Foods brands, usually whatever is cheaper.

Moso Natural air purifying bag: I bought these for both of our vehicles. One for my 2017 Corolla that was off-gassing, and one for my husband’s stinky work truck!

Himalayan salt lamp: Bought these for home and work, to use as a natural air purifier. And they’re pretty!

GreenAir SpaVapor Essential Oil Diffuser: I use doTERRA oils in these; my husband requests Breathe blend when he’s sick!

EcoLogic: Natural insecticides that are safe for pets and won’t eff with your hormones…yay!

Cleaning Products

Seventh Generation: Not all of their products are sulfate-free, but I do use their toilet bowl cleaner, tub & tile cleaner, glass & surface cleaner, dishwasher gel, and cleaning wipes. No harsh fumes to make your lungs hurt, and the products work great.

GreenWorks: I’ve used most of their products at some point, but now I mostly use the cleaning wipes.

The Honest Company: I really like most of their products I’ve tried, but I wouldn’t recommend the dishwasher packs. Left food bits and a lot of powder residue on dishes. Jessica Alba’s book is another great resource for healthy living.

Amala: I received their magic sponge cloths for free from Thrive Market…nice to conserve some paper towels!

Molly’s Suds: I love their laundry detergent and wool dryer balls. Simple and effective products for making your laundry even “cleaner.”



The Green Life: I ordered my organic pillows and mattress cover from here.

AllerEase: I bought these organic pillow protectors from Target.

Organic Textiles body pillow: Very comfy pillow; plush and full.





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