These are my most trusted resources for the AIP/Paleo lifestyle!

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Information & Support

What is AIP? -The Paleo Mom

Autoimmune Wellness

Phoenix Helix

AIP Support Facebook group

Autoimmune Paleo Recipes Facebook group

Houston Autoimmune Paleo Facebook group (most major cities/regions have their own groups–listed in the AIP Support group)

AIP Reintroductions Facebook group

The Paleo Approach book


AIP Cookbooks

Almost every cuisine is covered! If you’re looking for flavor, you got it! **Note: many of the ebooks are included in AIP bundles that are occasionally offered. When I began AIP in 2015, I was lucky enough to buy a bundle in time for only $39! That’s how I got many of my e-cookbooks, but it contains many other resources as well!**

The Paleo Approach Cookbook

The Healing Kitchen

He Won’t Know It’s Paleo

Latin American Paleo Cooking

The Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Simple French Paleo

The AIP Italian Cookbook

SPICE: Over 90 Paleo and AIP Compliant Recipes

AIP Paleo Cajun Cookbook

The Allergy-Free Holiday Table

Holiday on the Autoimmune Protocol

The Paleo Mom Thanksgiving Feast

Organ Meat Makeover

The Little Book of Gluten-Free Waffles